Job applicants

Today I had the "honor" of interviewing 3 of a number of job applicants for the job that I will be leaving behind in january. It's a funny position to be in, talking to people who may be sitting in my chair in a couple of weeks! And also fun to read the letters from the applicants and be really really critical. And then sit behind the table watching people squirm when you ask them difficult questions (not really though, usually I'm pretty nice).
All in all my colleagues and I saw 6 applicants, none of which really appealed to them or me. Tomorrow they will be interviewing another 8 people. My manager took the effort to tell me that I had made a great first impression when I applied all those years ago, and that she was still really happy with me. Needless to say that made me (the compliment junky) feel pretty good.
All this also makes me wonder how it will be to sit on the other side of the table, wanting to be the one to get the job. Usually I like applying for jobs though. Something in me likes to rise to the occassion and do my best to impress. It's the attention seeking part of me that enjoys it I think!
I wonder what my new job will be. I havn't found anything yet that really appeals to me. Maybe I will even revert to being a secretary for a while while looking for something else. Time will tell!

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