New House

Today we're going to pick out tiles for the renovation of the bathroom and toilet in our new house (all lovingly paid for by our rental agency, how cool is that!).
Boring house, isn't it! It certainly needs some extra attention on the outside and the inside. But as you can see, the garden is pretty nice (for dutch standards) and there's more room in the back as well as a shed, and we have a little bit of space around the houset. Our house now only has a garden in the back and the front, nothing on the side because it's stuck in the middle of a row.
We're totally charmed by the orange front door (not!) and especially admire the way the people before us made the house seem so welcoming and open.....
Today I will probably plant some tulips in the front, back and side of the house. I bought these a number of weeks ago because I wanted something to look forward to in the spring. We'll probably also plant an apple or plum tree somewhere in the garden and enclose it so that we can have some more privacy. As well as that we've been checking out the dutch version of e-bay looking for secondhand floors, couches and kitchens. So our house will be new to us, old to others! Limited budgets make for creative home makeovers. I'm starting to look forward to it more and more though, and I'm happy about that!
Come by and visit sometime!

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Anonymous said...

Hey marit! Nice to have a visual on the house, which I am sure you are going to make very gezellig!
Have fun preparing! No brown tiles!
Enjoy! The garden has great potential!

Anonymous said...

I like your new house! It is much different than the American houses we have seen & live in. It reminds me of what the American's call a condo, which go for high prices.
What about a red door instead of a orange one?! I would paint it an off white, or a dark color myself. But I am pretty conservative with my taste in colors.

Deb B. - Colorado

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