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Marinda was feeling sick again today and called me at work and asked me to come home earlier. I couldn't manage (luckily Herman was home earlier than I was), but to compensate a little I spent a lot of the evening sitting next to her on the couch huddled under a blanket. I'm cold all the time, should probably turn up the heating, but feel guilty about it because it's 20 degrees inside according to the thermometer. So instead I suffer in silence, or cuddle up to my feverish daughter :-)
Tristan joined us after he took a shower and we sat together and ate popcorn and watched Hollands Next Top Model (yes, unfortunately, that plague has also hit us here!).
I'm hoping Marinda will feel better tomorrow though. She's so big she doesn't need us to stay home every time she's not feeling well, but I feel really bad leaving her home alone if she's really sick. It's touching to see how she kind of loses her sense of independence and really needs a mommy around. She was so independent, even as a little child, that it's fun to catch up on some mothering every now and again.
Tristan on the other hand, does not like to be alone at all and is very bothered if we leave him at home. The weird thing is that he is "sicker" than Marinda with his hemofilia and alopecia but is never really sick. And Marinda, who has no genetic disorders, is often home with migraines and that kind of stuff. And now it seems like her glandular fever is acting up again.
Oh well, we will cope, like we always do! And try to make the best of it as well by grabbing the good moments when we can.

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Leigh Russell said...

I hate it when my children are sick but I know just what you mean about being able to mother them when they're not well.

Since my daughter left home we haven't watched Britain's Next Top Model once but her partner tells us he has to watch it now! (Actually I used to find it quite entertaining but don't tell anyone!)

I hope your daughter's feeling better now.

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