I'm more of a candy than potato chips kind of person, but Doritos are absolutely my all time favorite. I ate them when I lived in the States when I was 13 and have had a hankering for them ever since. When my dad travelled to the States when we lived in Ethiopia, I'm pretty sure Doritos were on the list of things to get.

A couple years back my friend Sharon was coming for a visit to Holland. This was in her wild single days ;-).
I specifically asked her to bring me a BIG bag of Doritos. Imagine my surprise when the day before she arrived, Doritos finally hit the stores here in Holland!
Since then I can eat Doritos to my hearts content. One bag will disappear in a sitting if I let it! But usually I buy them to accompany wraps.

My kids also appreciate the gustatory delights of a crispy nacho cheese dorito. It's a small bit of heritage from their third culture mom. That and peppermint candy canes. Which, I am very very pleased to announce.... will arrive in our house on Sunday, delivered by an angel of a friend who stalked a store in Utrecht for me!!

Christmas is here folks! And the nicest tree ever, we all concur!!

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Mrs Yoastie said...

I love the flavour but they bring me out in a rash. I think it the colouring. Red Leicester cheese is coloured with the same dye and that brings me out in a rash too.

Dori said...

Doritos and candy canes...not really sure you can go wrong with that combination!

In Spanish class my Spanish name was Dorito. Hee, hee.

Anonymous said...

We'll be admiring your tree tomorrow, did you order some of those pepermint canes for me too?? If I recall correctly, I started off the tradition :)

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