Growing up

I grew up, at least partly, in a relatively strict christian setting. The kind of setting where dancing is a sin, and drinking.... don't even think about it! Sex before marriage, big issue, smoking... up there with drinking. Maybe you know the kind of setting I mean!
That's why it was funny for me to see an old friend drop by my blog and then scarper off as fast as her mouse could take her. Because in the last week I have blogged about naked men and beer. That must have gotten some eyebrows raised!
But I also know what it's like to see the complete opposite. People getting falling down drunk, lots of sleeping around, smoking... no drugs though as far as I can remember.
I think I've found the balance somewhere halfway. Although some would think there's no halfway about it. I'm just a prude according to some standards!
I have a drink now and then, but have never been drunk. I love to dance, but am incapable of doing it. I have christian and non christian friends who smoke but almost choked on my own first and last cigarette. And as for sex... well I have two kids, so I must be doing something sometimes, right?
I just realized that I can add blogging about sex to the things I've written about this week. Now I've pretty much guaranteed some people won't be reading this blog!

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Wow, you wrote about yourself but also wrote about me! I have had a similar situation recently where I had to explain a few things to a friend who was jumping to conclusions! An old friend, and she's a very good friend. We've reconnected over this last year, but since I've been abroad my eyes have been opened. Well, I was always open-minded about some things, which is a long story. But I was raised with the same standards as you, and so was she. Thankfully she took the time to hear me out. Because I write about something doesn't mean I full-on condone it! I'm only loosened up or having a sense of humor. As you had written about the naked men! ;-) I too have a beer now & then when I'm relaxed, or a glass of wine, but it doesn't mean I'm going to dance around the house with a lampshade on my head.. LOL! Why does it always have to be assumed one glass of wine will do this?

My point, I'm with ya! ;-)

Dori said...

Naked men, beer and sex?! Oh, yeah--I'm coming back! :D

Anonymous said...

OH, dear do I remember the time when you smoked your first fag!! You nearly choked! I am thinking this was at Wlado's house and Gilberto was there as well?? And Marit let's go dancing somtime, to the good old music of the 80's, but first I will need a stiff drink to let loose!!!

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