7 quick takes


This is how the kitchen looks now. Improvement is coming in bits and pieces accompanied by aches and pains from my husband. Thankfully we've been fed at friends and family over the last couple of days, so there has been no more need for back yard cooking! Hopefully this weekend all will be up and running again and we'll be able to enjoy this beauty :-)


Work is a joy and a pleasure. Yesterday I teksted the following message to some friends: "Perks of the job; sitting in the sun by a windmill with coffee". I am going on lots of work visits to the local volunteer organisations. Over the last couple of weeks I've visited youth projects, homes for the elderly, an art gallery, schools, a home away from home for handicapped children and the windmill. I love it!

Marinda is home sick again. It looks like the flu. Tristan is lying on the sofa complaining of a stomachache. We are still in the flow of having a child or two sick at home at least one day a week. Today it's both of them....


Our front yard is blooming mightily, thanks to my friend Alize who gifted us with bags of bulbs.


I can finally walk up the stairs again without my knee twinging in protest every time! And with two staircases in the house, this is a real blessing. I will have to think twice about jumping on the trampoline again. I think I'm beginning to feel my age, whether I like it or not!


Currently reading Isaac Asimov. Love me a good robot story!


Just writing these 7 quick takes makes me realize how much information I throw on facebook through my status updates. Sometimes it's hard to think of what to write, seeing as I've already written something about it on facebook. Makes me wonder if I should toss one or the other.

Have a great friday everyone!

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Amy said...

Here's my logic: I do both Facebook and blogging updates, because I only friend real-life friends on Facebook, and I have many more blogging friends.

Love your flowers. My tulips have just started to open. Next year, I'm planting tons of fall bulbs so I'll have more things blooming at this time of year!

My 7 Quick Takes are HERE if you'd like to drop by. :)

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