Lise, my sister, asked me when I would start writing on my blog again, instead of posting pictures. I replied that I didn't know what to write about so she suggested I write about the fights we used to have. So all that I write here is not my fault, it's hers!

Lise and I have an interesting history. Though I am the oldest, she was the fighter, and paved the way in a lot of things. She had fights with my parents, she had a boyfriend before I did, she went out before I did, she did a lot of stuff before I did!
I think a certain amount of competitiveness was there at an early age.
She drove me up the wall, regularly, when we were small. I remember learning how to count to ten before I lost my temper purely because she would make me so mad I would want to rip out my hair, or hers! The last time I lost my temper with her was when I was fourteen. We were watching Little House on the Prairie. It was summer time and our days were planned around watching Little House on the Prairie (I wept when the programming changed and it didn't show anymore). We settled down in front of the tv and got into an argument about who got to sit where. I ended up sitting in front of her at which point she started to nudge me. Again, and again, and again and again.... Like a dripping tap, you know the feeling! So I asked her to stop, several times (at this point Lise may have a different version of this story :-)). When she didn't, I totally lost it. I turned on her and beat her up and then left the room slamming the door so hard behind me it caught on my heel. I ended up weeping tears of frustration while cooling my heel under the tap outside.

I can't remember ever losing my temper with her after that!

We used to share a room. That was not a wise choice that my parents made! I love reading at night and she would moan and groan until I would finally turn off the light. Her half of the room was always the nicest. Even if I got first choice of halves her half would always look nicer. She had impeccable taste in designing then, and still does now. I used to be so jealous of that!

Since then besides being sisters, we've become friends. Having kids has wiped away a lot of differences. I don't lose my temper, we respect each others differences and we like to get together, even though it doesn't happen often enough!

So Lise, here's a little of my version of our past. Any comments? ;-)

Love you lots!!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading, of course I have my own version "'bookworm"'!!! it was a good read bringing back memories. I never knew you were jealous of my side of the room.... Happy we ironed out and are at a level of fun and understanding. Even though we don't see each other ''live'' alot I enjoy our mini chats on fb and through the phone. Love you dear,

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