For Renzo and Joy

On facebook, my brother and sister asked me what my favorite memory of them was when we were growing up. Here is my answer, written down for posterity:

Funnily enough, my fondest memory of both of you, is of both of you together.

Remember how we celebrated Christmas in Ethiopia? Gathered around our Christmas branches? Mom and dad had always secreted away presents that they had bought the summer before.

I think the first year I went to RVA I came back from Kenya with Christmas gifts for everybody, so there was a nice pile under the Christmas tree. You two decided you wanted to join in the fun and got all secretive. Pretty soon the pile started growing, with a mismatch of presents wrapped in all kinds of paper.
I remember opening the presents and feeling such a surge of love for you two. You had wrapped up your own teddy bears and other personal items and given them to us. It was so sweet!

The next year I was blessed with the gift of a silver ring, picked out personally by one or both of you. It was a silver filigree ring with a flower on top. It was truly ugly! But I don't think I ever let you know that. I still have that ring by the way. The fact that is was given to me by you two makes me hang on to it :-).

Although we grew up together, I don't have a lot of memories of you. I'm so glad I have gotten so many more memories over the last years! It's been such a pleasure getting to know you both as adults and becoming friends with both of you.

Love you!!

p.s. does my memory serve me correctly, or do you two have different memories of what I just wrote down?

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Renzo said...

That was lovely to read! That memory of the Christmas presents I cant recall but that ring, boy I had a flashback and even remember buying it (and what it looks like! And sure is ugly :) I'm glad you've held on to it!

I remember trying to get your attention a lot but you were always in your books, so my fondest memory was when I had my head on your lap and you played around with my ear (folding it). That way I got some sisterly love and you could read your book at the same time :) Ain't that funny.

I'm also glad we've grown up to be friends and I can make curry for you once in a while. I love you loads and that will never change :)


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