25 things

1. Facebook is like a blast from the past. I have friends on here from almost every phase of my childhood. Ethiopia, Louisiana and Kenya.
2. I love injera
3. Since meeting a south african friend here in my town, I drink tea with milk and sugar again. Love it!
4. My daughter is so pretty, it blows me away sometimes
5. My son is so big, I can't believe I bore him and managed to push him out.
6. I have to clear the table, instead I'm doing this
7. I like being in the limelight. Does that make me a bad person?
8. Ondengs give the greatest hugs
9. I'd like to go to my high school reunion, but live in fear of feeling out of place
10. Tomorrow night I'm having a little gathering of friends to celebrate my new job
11. Blogging is fun, great fun! I've dreamt of being a writer, and this way at least I write!
12. The longer my hair is, the curlier it is.
13. According to "color me beautiful" I am a winter.
14. Speaking of colors... my favorite color is red.
15. Reading is essential to life: as an escape, as a mirror, as lessons learned
16. Over the last 18 years I have gained 25 kilos, lost 12, gained 15, lost 18, gained 15, lost 3..... well, you get the picture!
17. I love SPACE, lots of it! Room to breath, to look out, to part of a huge expanse.
18. My ethiopian road trip was a time to treasure. What was the song we listened to all four days? How could I forget!
19. I've never been drunk
20. I love to dance.... but can't.
21. We've been looking for a car!! It'll be the first we've ever owned!!
22. Thank goodness for public transport.
23. Red tulips make me happy
24. Great quote: A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear
25. I'm listening to my hubby sleeping on the couch, my daughter listening to Lady Smith Black Mambazo on the laptop, my fingers typing on the keyboard, the new computer humming in the back ground. Life is pretty good!

Consider your self tagged!

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