Rainy Day

It's 8.30 a.m. and it's grey and gloomy outside. I've just gotten the kids out the door. Marinda has an exam week, so started a wee bit later. Poor girl has to bike through the rain, catch the train, and then bike through the rain again! Tristan, on the other hand, walks for about a minute and then he's at school. He won't have that luxury next year. Most likely he and Marinda will be catching the same train early in the morning to go their schools.

Usually I'm out the door at 8 as well, to catch my train. But today I will be working at my new job and I get to leave on my own time. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to be able to even think of having another cup of coffee, or maybe even get some housework done. Too many times over the last year I've looked at the clock wondering frantically if I can take a couple more minutes for the kids, or if I have to really race to catch my train. It just feels like an awesome luxury only having to take 8 minutes to get to work, instead of the 50 it takes me now!

Another advantage. Marinda will be dropping by after school today, it's right on her route, so she can see where I work. We can even go out for lunch easily :-).

The next couple weeks I'll be juggling two jobs. Half of me is wondering how I'll cope, the other half is taking it in her stride. I still won't be working full-time, I made sure of that! So it should be fine. And hopefully the thrill of the new job will give me a nice energy boost.
Just what I need to make it through another rainy day!

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Dori said...

So, so, SO very happy for you! Having time for a second cup of coffee is a luxury!

I am so enjoying my "work from home" status.

Francine said...

happy for you, girl :)

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