Last night I had a little gathering of friends here, to celebrate my new job. As I said to my husband afterwards, I think this was one of the first occasions that I've been surrounded by people I chose, instead of people that happen along my path. I have celebrated my birthday in the past and have people visit and come over, but a lot of them are people that I am in contact with through church, or they're family. For this occassion I invited my friends and somehow that felt very different.

Diffent and GOOD! It's lovely to know that I have friends here who each in their own unique way are supportive and fun to be around. And evidently when I gather them together, they get along as well! I've never had a real group of friends, you know the kind you hang out with as a whole? In high school I mixed and mingled with different people but never felt like I was part of a group. I've never minded, I still don't! But now it's nice to see that if I do want to gather friends around me, they get along with each other.

I might just do this more often....

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Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Good times with good friends are a highlight of life.

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