After the relative peace of the Christmas break, the last couple of weeks have been rather rushed. The new job is a lot of fun, I can tell I'm really going to enjoy it, but the combination with the old job is just a tad more tiring than I thought it would be (hmmm, who ever saw that coming?). Add exploring schools to the equation, and you have a tired, but also fulfilled Elise. (I had to go back and retype my name! Have to get used to calling myself Elise :-)) No such thing as boredom going on right now! I had to laugh at the reactions I got to that post, knew it would hit a nerve with some.

So what I'm actually saying is that I have no clue what to write right now. Though knowing me, that could change at any minute. I am happy to say I have started to clamber up out of the hole I was in. I have gotten a bit of a grip on some of the dark thoughts that were haunting me. Thanks to loving comments, good books, arguments, some not so very fun moments (which yet manage to lead to some form of wisdom gained), eating better, talking.... well, you know the stuff that helps one regain some sanity!

In the meantime I may not be blogging quite as much, until I feel moved by the spirit to do so. Right now I feel like nothing is really worth mentioning, it's all a bit too mundane.

Hope you hang around though! It's been so very nice to see people following me here...

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