The school search continues

The last couple of weeks have been spent regularly visiting schools in our area. High schools, for Tristan to go to next year. Because he's almost done with elementary school (I only have to take a look at the huge boy standing next to me for this to really sink in!). Next week he'll be taking the dutch version of the SAT's, which will help us decide which level of education he'll end up going to. Funny thing is he's actually looking forward to them! Looking forward to the challenge, wanting to accomplish something instead of being bored at the school he's at.

Back to the school hunt though. Each school in this area has it's own "expertise". There's a school which places a lot of emphasis on the arts, there's a school that offers dual language training (english and dutch), there's the school around the corner which prides itself on being small and homey, there's the school that aims for solid christian education. There's the school he can bike to, and the school that he has to take the train to (thinking of the costs here!).
Lots of choices!

So we traipse from school to school with Tristan hoping that something will click and we'll make the right decision. Someplace that will foster his ambitions, offer a supportive environment, and give him room to be himself.

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