Moving along

Things are moving along faster than I thought.

Today I had a talk with my new boss. An irritated phone call from a client kind of "forced" him to circumnavigate bureaucracy and tell me to go ahead and get to work!
* BIG GRIN * !
I am totally feeling up to it, and if my proof of good behavior arrives soon (fingers crossed), it will even mean extra salary in february.

I don't want to get my hopes up too high, because you never really know, but that windfall just might add to my "get me to my high school reunion fund" and help us with a couple of other perks/neccesities :-).

It's giving me a stomachache to think about it (anticipation? nerves? hopes?) so I won't write any more.

Now to get to work! In the house this time, because besides having been to my new job, this (or a slightly different version of it) is also awaiting me.

Have a good day!!

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