I have not been a faithful blogger lately. I have made do with answering questions, or not writing at all, or very little. To be honest, the lack of comments has been demotivating me. Makes me wonder if I should be paying more attention to my content as wise bloggers say you should do. Not that I have ever had a ton of comments, but I crave feedback in all kinds of shapes and forms! And sometimes the lack of it makes me forget that I like writing, even if it is about boring and mundane things. And I guess that my life has been feeling rather boring and mundane lately, which is also not conducive to creative writing. I find myself having to think a lot harder about things to write, instead of my writing in my head all day long!

Now I'm going to try to do a month of gratitude, posting something I'm happy about every day. It may be tagged on to a post which is miserable and gloomy, but I am really going to try!

Today I'm grateful for a jaunt in the town center with Marinda. Sinterklaas arrived today, which meant the center was crowded with moms and dads carrying little zwarte pieten on their shoulders. There was the smell of oliebollen in the air, and the stores were crowded with people buying the first presents needed to put in their childrens shoes.

As did I. Actually I already have some gifts stored away for putting in the shoes. Tonight, before they go to bed, I will again threaten the children with no gift if they don't sing at least one Sinterklaas song. We have to keep some form of tradition going here!!

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A Touch of Dutch said...

I've been falling so far behind on keeping up with my favorite blogs. Your's is up on the top of my list! And as you know, I've had to decide to cut back on my blogging beginning 1 December for another project I'm working on. Then I will have much free time to catch up on my favorite readings [hint hint!]. So keep up your blogging! ;-)

Dori said...

Bravo, Marit!

I can't believe how much I actually learned just from reading your post today! My niece's birthday is Dec. 5th--she's always whining about it being so close to Christmas, now I can tell her to be grateful she doesn't live in Holland! :D

Mrs Yoastie said...

Sorry for not always leaving comments but I do read your blog. I think it's interesting, so please keep writing.

Elise said...

Thanks for these kind words! I REALLY appreciate it!

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