A good cry

Yesterday morning I had a good cry. A sympathetic ear, a comforting shoulder and some new perspective was offered by my husband. It was with relief and new emotional space that I faced the rest of the day and the tomorrows that will follow.

Space which was taken over quite brutally today. I came home after a hectic day of work to a husband worried about pain in his stomach. A worry I share wholeheartedly. He's just starting to get better and this pain could be the onset of a setback. I also came home to a very disgruntled unhappy son, who has a bleed in his ankle which pretty much rules out the sleepover he was so looking forward to. My heart aches for them both.

I think I managed to rise to the occasion in my own flawed way, but this was also due to the fact that I had had my cry and (almost literally) had room for them.

So today I am thankful for a good cry and the room it gives to deal with what life throws at you.

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Anonymous said...

sending over TS!!

Elise said...

My dad sent this answer by mail. I just had to post it!

I silently cry with you guys. I can imagine that it hurts also to want to do so much, the head is healthy, but the energy levels are low and the body is not willing/ ready. Difficult to know what to say/ advise. Be assured of my thoughts and prayers for you and the family!

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