There's nothing quite like cooking or baking for making me feel better. Actually I should say it the other way around. When I feel better, there's nothing quite like cooking or baking. It gives me a sense of fulfilment and an opportunity to express some form of creativity.

Right now I've got a pumpkin on the boil, waiting to be turned into soup. While scrounging around in my cupboard for a bouillon cube, which I couldn't find, I happened upon a kruidenbuiltje (a tea bag filled with assorted spices meant for chicken soup). I added that instead. Later I will toss in paprika and garlic and onions and then see what the end result turns out to be!

When I'm feeling bad, I don't like cooking. It's boring, dull and uninspiring. And baking... not a hair on my head thinks of baking.

So if you enter my house, and something is smelling good, you can be sure I'm having a good day.

And if I know one of you is dropping by, you can be pretty sure something will be baking!

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Dori said...

Pumpkin soup? I'd be on my way over if I were able!!

Elise said...

mexican style, going to serve it with doritoes (which my husband will think is ridiculous)

A Touch of Dutch said...

Mmm! I never made pumpkin soup this year but it's something to look forward to next autumn. Baking is something I've been doing weekly or trying new recipes. It's indeed a great way to help boost up others when they feel down to present a warm batch of cookies ;-)

Mrs Yoastie said...

I love baking. My husband's waistline is a testament to that. ;-)

But I have to agree there is nothing more annoying than cooking when you don't feel well.

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