A day in pictures

A day in pictures, from the end to the beginning:

6.30 p.m.

4.30 pm

2.30 pm

10.30 am
(recognize her?)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Marit, remember when we were Zwarte Piet in the emabassy in Addis??

Dori said...

Never even occured to me that there was a recipe for fig newtons! I'll have to find that one.

The picture of Miranda really shows the extreme differences in cultures--a white girl would never, ever be able to get away with that here! Jesse Jackson would be all up in her face--why you taking that away from the black man? You already took chocolate and made it white. Blah, blah, blah...

Elise said...

Well, there has been a lot of upheaval here as well, people thinking it's extremely racist and all. But it's been a tradition for so long that it keeps on going. And really, the costume is so ridiculous and exaggerated, that racism is the farthest thing from my mind when I see it. But I guess for non-dutchies it could be seen as pretty offensive!

Mrs Yoastie said...

My four year old girl is confused. About many things but at the moment the thing is is wondering about is: why are those people cutting into a football?

Elise said...

Oh Mrs Yoastie! You made me laugh! See, what we're doing is making gag gifts. And the soccer ball is the basis of the gift. It has now been covered with paper mache and is being painted to look like a persons head..... we could have used a balloon, but why do things the easy way????

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