What do YOU like about yourself?

I cheated a bit, because the question I picked was just too hard. So I'll save it for another time.

Instead, I picked out this question...

What do you like most about yourself??

Now my first reaction "should" be: oh no, how difficult, I can't think of anything nice about myself (and I should be blushing and simpering while saying this). I say "should" because evidently that's how we are raised -especially here in Holland-. To be perfectly and completely capable of saying the most denigrating things about yourself and to have a really hard time saying something nice.

The funny thing is, that although I am most definately not the most positive person in the world, especially about myself, I am also not so stupid that I can't realize that I am a nice person and that there are nice things that people can say about me. And there are nice things that I can say about myself. And really?? I think that everybody should be able to do that. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is all bad. I really sincerely believe that there is something good in pretty much everybody if you look hard enough, and there is most definately something nice in YOU, dear reader!! (just the fact that you are reading this means you're nice, real real nice!!)

Anyway, after this little rant, what's the answer to the question? I think what I like most about myself is my friendliness. I am open for contact with others and hope and think that I can be pretty unjudgemental, meaning that I can get along with a wide variety of people. The odder, the better sometimes!

Now I know I havn't had a lot of comments lately (bless you if you have commented, you have no idea how encouraging it is!) but would you, could you please write down what it is you like about yourself? One word will do!

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Renzo said...

Hey didi,
I feel really "nice" after reading your blog, Thanks (-:
I like many things about myself but love even more. The most important thing I like is the ability to always challenge my thinking and be open to listening.
Enjoy the day and I think your "really nice" too!

Anonymous said...

Hey dear, what I really like about myself is that I can see/feel through a childs perspective most of the time! And what I really like about myself (not-related to children) is that I can strike up a conversation with just about anyobody, usually the lonely one so that they have a good day as well.

thatcoolbroad said...

Here's a funny story...

A few years ago I was feeling kind of blue. Our health insurance covered the services of a shrink (psychologist) so I thought, "what the hell, I'll go and see what it's like".

At my first appt., I told him that overall I was fairly happy, I just wanted to iron out a few "kinks".

"Ok," he said. "What do you like most about yourself?"

"I like that I'm pretty perceptive," I said.

"What do you like least?" he asked.

"I'm way too sensitive"

"Funny thing," he said, "is that those are the same thing. You love and hate the same quality about yourself."

That was a real eye opener for me. He set me on course to appreciate the things I perceived as weaknesses, or "kinks". So now there is so much more about myself that I like.

(except that I have a tendency to write really long comments:)

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