Night of the Proms

I was out with Herman and some other family members last friday. We went to Night of the Proms, which is a kind of pop meets classic music evening. Held in a huge stadium with a couple thousand people attending.
One of the stars of the evening was Sinead O'Connor. Everybody remember her song Nothing Compares to You? That song is irrevocably linked to my dating Herman way back when.

She came on stage wearing a wide black pants and a tunic, not a trace of make-up on her face. She closed her eyes, opened her throat and SANG! No gyrating, no flirting with the camera, no pretensions whatsoever. She looked completely approachable, like you would strike up an easy conversation with her while standing in the grocery line. She was so normal, it was almost odd.

Close behind her the lead singer of the Simple Minds came on stage. That was another story. An old geezer, attempting desperately to look cool. He did the gyrating, leaning into the audience, grabbing peoples hands and so forth and so on. He wore too tight jeans and to my taste, kind of made a fool of himself. Him I would not say Hi to, it would feed his ego too much. (yeah right, like my saying Hi would matter to him! well... you know what I mean!).

So I guess I'm grateful for stars who act like normal people, who give you a chance to enjoy music for what it is. Glorious sounds, no show needed.

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Renzo said...

You saw Sinead O'Conner! She's wonderful! What song did she sing?

Anonymous said...

Was ready to sms you to ask how the evening out was!! But your blog filled me in, I'll ring your later this week.

Dori said...

I love Sinead! I will forever be miffed at society for throwing her under the bus and never letting her back up simply because she dared to voice her opinion! Bah!

I saw Foreigner a few years ago and the bass player was in his spandex, long (gray) hair blowing in the wind. Sad. So sad!

Elise said...

she sang nothing compares, Troy and dark am I yet lovely.... two of which where new to me!

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