Fourth Question

Sorry folks, until I have more inspiration, you're going to have to make do with answers to all kinds of questions. I figure it's beter to keep writing something, than not write anything at all :-)

Todays question: What do you enjoy spending money on?

Simple answer: Nothing.
I don't like spending money. When I do, I feel guilty. Always, always there's a little voice in my head asking me if what I'm buying is really neccesary and if I can't get it cheaper.
I have learned how to silence that voice though, or to thoroughly rationalize things so that I can get something almost guilt free.
Spending money on coffee with a friend for example. I've really had to learn how to do that and to enjoy it instead of sipping it while thinking of how much cheaper it would be to drink coffee at home! Or buying clothes for myself (which is a traumatic situation in itself). I still struggle with getting something really nice (and therefore more expensive) because, deep down, I probably don't think I'm worth it.
I don't buy books, for example, even though I'm a great lover of reading. Part of me thinks it's just not worth it, considering the pace at which I read! And to be honest, I think that that is a pretty good argument. Secondhand will do me just as well, and even then I protest at the amount of money people sometimes want for a book!
This money thing has been passed down through the genes, at least partly. I guess being a missionary kid can do that to you! And partly it's because of how Herman and I started off our marriage. We were practically kids, Herman had just started working and we had our kids when we were young. No time to build up any savings, so we learned early how to spend our money well.
On the other hand, I'm also proud of the way we spend our money. We have no debts, have never had any, are able to take vacations (however simple they may often be), we tithe, we have a roof over our heads, are well-fed and can afford a luxury every now and again. Really, no reason to complain!
I just want to work some more on the guilt free spending though, so that I can thoroughly enjoy it when I do spend it!

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Anonymous said...

MYSELF!! I would just love to spend money on myself and enjoy it in the process. It is so much easier to spend on others...... work in progress...

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