Due to an influx of colds (head colds that is) to divers family members, there is little action to be found here on this blog. Time is spent wiping runny noses, holding back explosive sneezes, and patting teary eyes.


Bless me.

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Moniek said...

Bless you!

Dori said...

Well, here you go then--I tagged you for a book meme over at my place. Lots and lots for you to write on that one! Feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Friday still on??? Don't have a baby sitter though? Beterschap.

Geri said...

Too bad about all the colds and sickness circulating. There's several things that can help a cold from chicken soup to salt water to (if you can imagine it) wet socks. If you're interested, I've got some suggestions on my blog.

Feel better!

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