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During the vacation some good friends came over to stay with their kids. I love having them over, they are the best "couple" friends that we have. By that I mean that we get together in all combinations, it's not a question having a friend who's husband is tolerated, or the other way around.....
Anyway, to get to my point, the evening they were here we ended up playing a game of sorts. I had a number of cards with questions on them and we each drew one in turn and then answered them. It was a really fun way to get to know each other better! Questions like: "what animal would you like to be" or "how do you want to be remembered" or "how would your best friend describe you" or "if you could change anything in your life, what would it be".
I've been thinking that I'll use these cards whenever I'm out of inspiration to write. They are thought provoking enough to inspire a post I think!
Besides this game, there's another one that I've played at work, but also with family members. In dutch it's called het kwaliteitenspel, the english translation is the feedback game (not too charmed with the translation!). The game has cards with positive human qualities named on them such as: helpful, honest, enterprising, creative or responsible. (there are also cards with negative qualities, but I never bother with those!).
There are endless versions of the game, but they way I played it with family we each got handed cards and then had to either give them away to the family who had the most of that quality, or keep it for ourselves if we thought we had that quality the most. In the end we all had a number of cards with qualities that others thought we had, as well as qualities that we "gave" to ourselves. I found it wonderful to have my siblings and parents tell me why thy thought a quality suited me, and I got a kick out of telling them the good I saw in them. A positive feel all around!
I even went so far as to write it all down, so that I could look at it when I wasn't having such a hot day.
What games have you played to get to know people better?

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Big Mama said...

I love board games. This one looks really good. I love Cranium, and also Zobmondo: You Gotta Be Kidding game. Great to play with both kids and adults and you get to know each other in a really fun unique way.
Apparantly the game Articulate is a great one for a group of about 6 or more adults. I want it for my birthday so I can see if it is as fun I have heard.

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