Tiny Update

I think this is just about the longest time I've gone without blogging since I started about ten months ago (I guess I've got a blogiversary coming up!). It's been good. I've enjoyed having the pressure off and having a bit more creative juice flowing.
Creative may be too big a word, but I have felt ideas popping up into my head a little bit more frequently lately. But even so, I've decided to stick to my break for the duration of my vacation and then I hope to start again with a whole new look. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to them dear!

Breigh said...

Oooh can't wait! I've been thinking of redoing the theme for my blog as well, but it's a huge undertaking with wordpress and the amount of plugins I have.

Vernette said...

hmm loving the new look.

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