Sunny Day

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Dori said...

Oh, Marit! What an amazing garden you have! I love the orange roses. And the other flame like flowers remind me of Africa. Can I just sit out there and drink my coffee?

Elise said...

Dori, please come over any time!
Though what I didn't mention in this post: today was the FOURTH day of sun in the whole month of august :-( So you can imagine how thrilled I was to finally be able to sit in the garden with a good book and enjoy the flowers. My cheeks and nose have turned divinest rosy red and I'm ever so happy about it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marit,
I just landed on your blog. What compelled me to visit your blog was your name, Marit. I knew a 'Marit' in my high school years in Addis Ababa. You are not that 'Marit' (She is an Ethiopian), but I was very surprised when I read on your profile that you lived in Ethiopia in your childhood. In addition to that, half of my family lives in Norway, the country in which you were born. You would not believe me if I added the following. We are currently preparing for my sister’s wedding and we are considering peach colored flowers (similar to the ones in the pictures) for the wedding decorations... There were TOO many coincidences for me to read your blog without first leaving a comment.

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