I read an article in a dutch newspaper today which made me feel good about myself :-)

The subject was cheating.
I have a strongly developed conscience. Maybe that's because of my moms eagle eye. Somehow she always
knew when I was lying, no matter how honest I tried to look. And to me, cheating is like lying. You're pretty much telling somebody that you did the work that you didn't do. Besides that, it has always bugged me when people take advantage of my hard work by cheating off of me. Go do your own hard work, will ya!!

So this article in a dutch newspaper was food for my ego.
Did you know that "
The study of students at one Ohio university found that students who scored high on measures of courage, empathy and honesty were less likely than others to report their cheating in the past – or intending to cheat in the future."
People who don’t cheat “have a more positive view of others..”.

Yeah for me!!


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Anonymous said...

I read the same story online, felt good about myself as well (-:
Thanks again didi for the injera! Really enjoyed it.
Big hug,

Dori said...

Love the new look! Your brother is a genius.

Glad to have you back.:D

Monkey Toe Momma said...

Hi, came over from TCB's blog. I'm too much of a control freak to cheat. I don't know if the other persons answers are correct or not, so I'd rather go with my own, because I'm sure I can't do much worse. :)
And I hate it when someone cheats off of me.

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