Mobile confusion

Ever since I got my new mobile phone I have been plagued with phone calls for a girl called Fleur, who evidently has not bothered to tell people that her number has been changed. The messages have varied from thrilling announcements of the latest party at Boode (whatever that may be) to love messages from one of her many swains. It either annoys or amuses me, depending on my mood.

This evening however, I was highly amused. I received a call from an unknown male, asking to speak to Fleur. I attempted to tell him that my number was not her number and then just hung up on him, seeing as he was either being really silly, or maybe just plain drunk.
A couple minutes later he called again. I picked up the phone, and told him it was no use talking to me as I don't have the famous Fleurs phone number. No worries he said, he'd love to get to know me better. Would I be interested in going out with him? Where did I live? And where did I come from? With giggles in my throat I told him to give it up. I am a thirty seven year old mother of two! I don't think he knew how to handle this shattering news so I then I said bye and hung up on him.
It still makes me grin to think of it.

I guess I have to add this to the
huge list of conquests I have made lately!

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Breigh (Canadutch) said...

hehe I totally would have pretended to be her when the drunk guy called and said loads of crazy crap.

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