Just when I was feeling inspired to post a picture of myself playing clarinet, Dori did it for me! (yes, yes, that's me on the right, with the wonderful pants. Don't you love them?).
I was inspired by her post of herself in all her "saxy" glory.
So yes, I did play the clarinet. For a grand total of three years. Three very enjoyable years! When I first went to join band I wanted to play the flute. So elegant and lovely and ladylike. But, much to my dismay, the band teacher bluntly told me he had more than enough flutes. So I had to pick something else. I thought the sax was much to huge and masculine and then opted for the smaller clarinet. It was not a choice made by my passion for the instrument, that's for sure!
I then spent the next couple of weeks painfully practicing in a little room by myself until I got caught up with the musical level of the band after which I was finally allowed to join them.
When I was in RVA, band practice was during the lunch hour. So I have no memory at all of long leisurely lunches on the grassy fields. I always ran to the head of the lunch line, gobbled my meal and then sprinted up the many many steps to the band room. I'm guessing that that did wonders for my breathing technique.
One magical time, I was even allowed to direct the band. Oh wow! When we had our concert, I lost my timing and somebody had to wave their trumpet at me to get me back on track.....

Since living in Holland I have made several different efforts to start playing again. The efforts usually last about.... say.... two weeks. I never got back in a band, there's a whole different band culture here, and lessons are just terribly expensive. I still have my clarinet though, up in the attic. It has survived numerous moves. The case is covered with stickers which hold special memories.
Though I think that one of these days, I will have to give it away to somebody who will actually play the thing!
Nostalgia can only go so far.

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Melanie said...

I totally remember those pants. And try Dori's hightops. Priceless.

Dori said...

wow...that's a whole lotta love! Quite happy to help with the memories! I'll get the video together for you soon--but I'm warning you, it isn't pretty! :D

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