I got the two biggest birds from my dad for my birthday. We went for a bike ride and discovered a man selling them from a little roadside shed. It was his winter activity, he said. Summertimes he spent growing pumpkins , courgettes, potatos and sunflowers from the farmland behind the shed.
The little bird was given to us by a friend. It was made in Mozambique and sold here in a Fair Trade Store, where all kinds of native art is sold and the profits are used in developing countries.

They stand guard in my garden, on a corner of the lawn close to my kitchen, where I can keep an eye on them.

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Dori said...

I love the birds! What are their heads made of? And they do look like they may get out of hand. :D

Elise said...

some kind of metal leftovers that are welded together!

A Touch of Dutch said...

My goodness! I've been so busy with my guests, I hadn't had time to catch up with your blog lately. I love the new look! I see I have some good reads today on my breaks/lunch :)

Big Mama said...

They are gorgeous! Some people are so creative!!! I really admire that, as I am not creative at all, in that way.
It is too funny about your mobile phone adventures. Have fun with it. Heehee.

Mrs Yoastie said...

Love the birds. Best not to contemplate those in my garden with the under fives running riot.

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