I arrived at the train station this morning panting for breath. In my befuddled and dread-filled state of mind, I had taken a wrong route and was running terribly short on time.
The train was not on its usual track. There were men standing on the rails, pointing the way. I walked hurriedly up to the ticket machine, meanwhile pleading for the train conductor to wait for me to get on.
He didn't.
I uttered a foul word and continued to frantically type my destination into the machine, hoping against hope that I just might make it.
The train left, I kid you not, about 10 seconds before I had my ticket in hand.

Then the men standing by the rails waved me over. They apologized profusely for the discourtesy of the conductor. They had already called his manager and told me that someone would be waiting to reprimand him at the end of the ride. They offered me coffee and a seat in their canteen.

I cried. I wiped tears from my eyes, meanwhile sobbing about the miserable start of the day. The men couldn't handle it. I was petted and coddled and more offers of coffee, tea and a seat were made.
And then, to top it off, I was offered a ride to work in one of their cars. Seeing as one of the men had to go in that direction anyway.
I got dropped off at the entrance to my work, ready to start the day in a less "dread"ful state of mind.

A little kindness goes a long way.....

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Breigh (Canadutch) said...

Jeez what a way to start the day! I must say though I'm impressed that the guy even came over to you. Here in Rotterdam you'd get the 'tough shit, be on time next time!' treatment, regardless of when you got there.

caratime2 said...

Something similar to this happened to me many years ago when I lived in Heidelberg. I was in Mannheim, misread the train schedule, and ended up missing the last train. I was still standing on the tracks when a guy came by in a repair wagon heading back that way. He was the one who actually realized I'd misread it, and offered me a ride back to Heidelberg - even though it wasn't allowed. I was glad to take him up on his offer, then - somewhere between along the tracks in the dark - realized just how dangerous it could have been. In the end, I looked into my handbag and located some sparkly lipstick, which I proceeded to smear under the seat where I sat and under my fingernails. Years before CSI I hoped that this would at least help them track down my potential murderer....

He was a perfect gentleman, though, and simply did a good deed.

Thanks again, buddy, wherever you are!

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