Today, or maybe tomorrow, is the first official day of our vacation. Not that we're going anywhere...a move and a trip to Ethiopia have depleted our wallets for now. But we are free from work for three glorious weeks! To celebrate Herman is now slouched lopsided on the sofa, snoring away.
I took a long bike ride with my Dad today which included farm lanes, a bicycle ferry, views of the lake, an old village, a museum, and more farm lanes, all within 30 kilometers (which was about the length of our round trip). No need to get bored in this area of Holland!

We will spend the coming weeks fixing up the garden, clearing out the attic, celebrating birthdays, having great friends over, going swimming, catching up on our photograph albums (so very very optimistic of us) and sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. Marinda will work at the ice cream place and I will manfully try to keep Tristan from spending too much time behind the computer and the tv. A battle I feel I have already lost.
I'm not sure how much I will be posting. Lately I've noticed it takes more effort than usual, and I feel I might be ranting and raving a bit too much. So I'm giving myself the leeway to blog if I feel like it, and not blog because I "must" (I mean, it's not like anyones life depends on me writing about whatever happens to hit my fancy!)

Now before I forget, I would like to praise my husband to the skies for being the very very handy man that he is. He took leftover laminate flooring from the bedrooms and transformed it into a huge desk/storage space in the attic (with lighting underneath!!). He bought a secondhand bookcase and rebuilt it to fit underneath the eaves of the attic. He hangs up stuff, fixes stuff and pretty much caters to our every handyman whim. I love him. (Ik hou van jou Herman!)

Have a good summer everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I for one am here daily to see if you blog. Hardly ever miss a day.It has become part of my morning routine.

I will miss you while you are gone and not here blogging.

~Deb B. - Colorado

A Touch of Dutch said...

Ik wens je een prettige vakantie, Marit! Relaxing at home with friends/family & catching up on the special things you love is for sure not a bad idea!

By the way, I posted in response to your comment on my blog today, the recipe in metric. Let me know if there is anything else you want converted.

Enjoy your time off! :)

A Touch of Dutch said...

In case I don't get a chance to pop in again on Monday:

Gefeliciteerd met jou verjaardag! :)

Francine said...

Have a wonderful summer, Marit!

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