Samenwerking literally means "working together". While looking for the translation of the word the internet turned up cooperation, collaboration and teamwork. None of which was exactly the word I was looking for. I guess teamwork would best cover it though.
Cover what you ask?
Well, Herman just helped me write a job application. Nowadays what I do is look up my old letters, find sentences I find appropriate for the current job and then cut and paste to make a new letter. But this time I was having a hard time joining those sentences into something cohesive, so I just wrote down some half sentences and asked Herman to do the honors. Which he did so well that I didn't even feel that I had to change a lot of the words! I guess that means we were in tune with each other this time because sometimes his style is totally different than mine :-) How's that for teamwork!
With Hermans help I got turned down for one job ;-), and am currently in the proces of interviewing for the second. Which is giving me agonies of indecision because this could potentially be a really good job (right now it's a bit too basic for my taste) but the pay is really really low compared to what I have been getting.
So what to do? Stick with the not so fun but better paying job I have now, or go with the possibly more fun but worse paying job that I'm looking into?
I just don't know!!

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