6 word memoir

I got tagged by That Cool Broad for this six word memoir meme and I've really been stretching my brain ever since. How to describe my life in six words? A lot of things have flitted through my head. Somehow I wanted to fit all my life experience into 6 words. It didn't work.
So finally, I came up with this.

Growing up slowly, and sometimes gracefully.

Now for why I came up with this pearl of wisdom. (hah!)
Notice I wrote growing UP, not growing OLD. I do know I'm growing older, but I figure that that isn't the point of life. The point of my life is to grow up. Not just from a child to an adult, but to grow in wisdom and experience and become a more mature wellrounded person. So far, there's no end in sight for me. This kind of growing up will take me the rest of my life.
Sometimes I can be slow on the uptake, needing to hear the same message a hundred times and then still not getting it. Often I rant and rail against life's lessons and want it all to be perfect NOW! At other times I enjoy the process of learning and discovering about myself and am able to acknowledge that I am who I am. And sometimes I'm exhilarated by what life has on offer and eagerly look forward to learning more.
During this whole learning proces I'd like to be graceful. As the dictionary so beautifully describes it "characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant".
I have a long way to go.

I'm breaking the rules, I'm not going to tag anyone. But I'm encouraging you to think about this. What six words would you use as a memoir? And leave a comment if you come up with something. I would love to know!

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thatcoolbroad said...

I love it! I love it! (I wish I'd thought of it). Just the other day I was thinking about what a slow bloomer I am, but maybe it's just that I haven't stopped "growing up" (and hopefully I'll keep doing so 'till the day I die).

And with grace...gosh...I strive to live every day with grace (with more success on some days than on others).

Great job:)

Anonymous said...

Well I thought it over, a lot today/night. And I can't seem to narrow down my life in 6 words.
So many things describe me THEN and NOW.
I feel often people can't and don't want to see past my outter 'shell' to take the time to see who I REALLY AM inside. As I write this, I have realized that I have felt this way about myself since I can remember.
Kind of like being the last kid on the playground to be picked for team.

Just like a book,...What you see isn't always what you get.

(Forgive my rambling, some of my feelings, current and on-going troubles with my husband's family, and my lack of friends HERE, have boiled over right onto this blog)

Deb B.

Vernette said...

hmmm...got me thinking

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