Midnight Mommy

Today is my day for being a midnight mommy. Which pretty basically means I'm staying up 'til midnight so I can pick Marinda up from her class party to celebrate the end of the school year. Which she made by the skin of her teeth. Yesterday we got a phone call to say that she was on the list to flunk, but like I said, the skin of her teeth did their work and she's passed! We celebrated with a pretty bunch of dutch flowers and relief flowed freely. It's a pretty good accomplishment seeing as she missed the first three months of school and then transferred to a new school. That girl can work when she sets her mind to it!

Now I'm thinking of divers ways to stay awake. Sleeping is not an option as I'll probably wake up so groggy that I'll crash the borrowed car while attempting to pick her up. So I'll read and blog and watch tv programs I never get to watch because there's nobody awake to keep me from watching them. I won't try to get Tristan to bed. He just slammed doors all the way upstairs. I'm thinking he doesn't want to see me right now. Oh the joys of teenage motherhood :-( Can't get very much done right!!

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Anonymous said...

I thought you got a car & were sharing it with your parents?!??
Hope you made it okay to midnight. lol It is 2:30a.m. here & I am just now ready for bed. I am actually even tired! :)
Happy Marinda passed this year of school.
Deb B.

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