Weekend reflections

Sitting here eating a piece of chicken filet, wearing a t-shirt with a new kikoi wrapped around my waist (thank you Sharon!!). The house still filled with the aftermath of having a family of 5 over to stay. (so happy so see that this is possible in our house!). Herman and I came back from the airport and crawled right back into bed for a couple of hours of sleep (the joys of having big kids who take care of themselves!).

It's been a good weekend all in all. We picked up Sharon and her family from the airport and it didn't feel like it had been 13 years since we saw each other! She just had the lovely addition of a husband and three cute kids. We were able to borrow a van that seats 9 (a rarity here, so that was lovely in itself) and then we took the scenic route back to our house where I had a meal of dutch pancakes and poffertjes waiting. I mean, who can go wrong with pancakes, right?!? We had ice-cream at Marindas work and then got the exhausted children and parents off to bed.
The next dawned grey and gloomy, and stayed that way unfortunately. So our attempts at showing the cultural sites in the neighborhood kind of literally fell into the water. In the afternoon we went to my sisters house for her sons birthday party. So our guests got a chance to experience that side of dutch culture! Though my sister manages to make it a much less formal occassion that it usually is in Holland, thank goodness!
We hit the McDonalds for a quick fix on the way back home :-) and then sleepily watched Forrest Gump before hitting the sack again.

Some of the things that I noticed:
- when your friends are old friends, it doesn't take much to get back in touch again!
- americans are so polite! We were thanked every time something was done. For my sober dutch side, this was practically a culture shock. One that I enjoyed!
- having three kids under 5 and travelling..... need I say more? I admire my friends more than ever for taking the effort to stop by and visit us. It is truly, truly appreciated!!
- Sharon is a great mom, I loved seeing her enormous patience with her children. She did not get flustered once, something I envy and admire greatly!
- a day and a half is so short! Next time, we must make it longer.

She, and others like her, are welcome here at all times. Now you all know we can harbor a family of 5 easily (though those dutch toilets....... you'll just have to take the bad with the good). We can even arrange appropriate transportation. And if you're bigger than a family of 5? We'll just scooch in a little bit more and make more room!

Now for the icing on the cake...... I woke up after my nap, went downstairs and discovered a neighbor had dropped by with a box that had been shipped to me. To me? First instinct was to drown my enthousiasm and assume it was my sister who sometimes orders books through Amazon and gives them my adres. But then I noted the adres in the corner. Oh me, oh my, this was truly a box for me! I opened it and found ENGLISH BOOKS people, ENGLISH BOOKS!! My lovely friend Melanie sent me ENGLISH BOOKS!! I am just touched and thrilled to pieces. Two of those books were way up on my list of things I wanted to read, namely "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" and "eat, pray, love". Isn't that just fantastic? Let me tell you, I shed a tear while reading her card, and every now and again I walk past my pile of books and give them a cuddle. I kid you not!! THANK YOU MELANIE!!

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Dori said...

Yea for old friends! It feels like an old comfy slipper and good cup of coffee!

I've got a pile of books started for you too! See how we all look out for you and your addiction to reading?!

Elise said...

oh my, I'm going to start feeling guilty if too many books come this way!
I'll have to start thinking of some way of returning the favor!

Melanie said...

Marit, thank goodness you started blogging or we never would have known that you had a need we could actually meet! Happy reading!

thatcoolbroad said...

so true about old friends...it's amazing how you can pick right up where you left off!


Breigh said...

haha I remember the English book excitement! It can be hard to find them here in NL. I'm not sure where you live but there are some shops that sell English books here.

There is a 2nd hand bookstore chain that has an entire section of english books! It's great!
They are all over the place so maybe there is one near you?

Also here in Rotterdam the big Donner bookstore has a ton of English books.

I've started buying mine from Amazon.co.uk though. If you buy them 2nd hand, you can often get books for only £0.01 each. Then you really are only paying the shipping. So I'll buy, for example, 5 books and pay €15-€20 in shipping. Still pretty good for that amount of books. Especially since when you get them they are always in pretty much new condition! It's great :)

Then when I have too many I go sell them to the 2nd hand shop I mentioned above and make a chunk of my money back haha

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