Throes of preparation

Tomorrow is Marindas 16th birthday party and I'm in the middle of preparing for it. Brownies in the oven, macaroni salad in the making. I'm having to compensate for having a lazy day. So even though it's late, I'm going to keep on going! Then tomorrow I'll bake cupcakes, clean and decorate the house and act as a taxi chauffeur for the people who are coming by train. Marinda is looking forward to it. She bought a dress for the occassion (probably one of the many she will wear only once:-)).
I'm hoping for good weather. Otherwise I have no idea how we're going to fit 40-50 people in our house!
Her actual birthday is in 3 three weeks. The I'll probably get nostalgic and it will really hit me that she's already 16!!! Don't want to think about it yet!!

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