Attempting to make a difference

Even here in Holland Make a Difference Day is organized. This year it's tomorrow and the day after. I came up with the brilliant plan of jumping on that band wagon to get my new job off to a fantastic start. The last couple of years a number of people who work in the town hall volunteered their time and did some good stuff. So I figured it wouldn't be too hard to motivate those selfsame people this year....

Sadly, my attempt has not been very succesful. I came up with enough one time volunteer opportunities for about 50 people.

Only 12 people responded.

I'm bummed to say the least. I was hoping to get this new job off with a huge bang, but it's just a whee whistle.... And I will have worked six days this week because of this little whistle. Frustrating!

Though I have a lovely thing to look forward to. Saturday, after all obligations have been and gone, I get to head off to my brothers in our very own car and finally spend some time catching up with him and enjoying the his culinary expertise!

Curry, here I come!

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Anonymous said...

At least you have worked hard or that great reward on Saturday night :) Nothing nicer than relaxing and having a good time after a hard weeks work. And now you can set a new goal: You have all year to persuade those people for next year's Make a difference day :) lol

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