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I was telling my brother this weekend that I seem quite able to "rise to the occasion" when needed in times of crisis, but I'm hard put up to deal with the every day trials and tribulations life can throw at you. Or at me, in this case.

The last couple of weeks at least one child has been home "sick" at least one day a week. Every day is a surprise, seeing who will be home this time. Tristan is not doing great, lots of psychosomatic aches and pains, he's not sleeping well at all. I don't deal with it well because I don't know what to do about it. I'm good at making big decisions, but the little daily ones....
If he has a bleed, then we can inject him and get it "fixed". This kind of stuff.....

At my sisters birthday somebody asked me how I had been doing this last year, seeing as she hadn't seen me since the year before. So I summed up how our move had gone, and how the year has been. And then it kind of sunk in that it's been quite shitty in parts. Sometimes it takes saying things out loud for them to sink in. Or writing them down, that will also do the trick.

Hopefully we're heading into a healthier phase now, with Hermans health improving and me enjoying my job so much more. But meanwhile it kind of feels like the end of my energy has been reached and every little setback asks more of me than I have to give.

Sorry, depressing post!

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Dori said...

But those little things just sort of build on each other, don't they? And then one day you look and there's a whole pile of it staring you in the face!

And I'm so glad you're happy with the new job!! It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

might be depressing, but on the other hand also herkenning, so you ain't alone my dear!! Love you and enjoy your rondevue with your hubby.

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