How it is with Herman

We sent out an e-mail the other day, telling people that things were going better with Herman, so I figure I owe the bloggy world the same favor!
Gone are the days of Herman lying flat out, incapable of doing anything. He's now up and about, able to dishes (HALLELUJAH!), cook food (AMEN!) and he has even mustered up the energy to hang up some cupboards in our bedroom (lookin' good!).
Seriously though, he has done the things mentioned above, but it's not like he's overflowing with energy. The prednisone is keeping him up at night and jittery during the day, and after doing something he needs to take a break. But, thank goodness, things really are improving slowly but surely.
I love my hubby and I'm ever so glad he's getting better!

And, as a small postscript; also gone are the days of "a new day has farted", as Herman once stated.

Gotta love his sense of humor!

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Hurray for Hermie!!

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