Stoute Cross

Today I convinced Tristan he HAD to go with me to the Stoute Cross. This almost literally meant me grabbing him by the arm and dragging him along... but he came! And then he enjoyed this:

I was wondering why on earth it was called the stoute cross, seeing as this literally means the naughty motocross. Then I saw the add in the paper which proudly proclaimed that this event "has been legal for 5 years!". So I'm guessing it's called naughty because it used to be illegal, and the name has stuck.
It was surprisingly fun to see cars racing madly around a mud track while the stench of diesel, oil and burnt rubber assailed my nostrils. Meanwhile my ears were lambasted by engine noises of all kinds which added to the overal cacophony caused by a screwed up sound system and a LOT of men and boys gathered around giving opinions.
Definately repeatable next year... even Tristan thinks so!

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Dori said...

Now THAT looks like a day well spent! Can't believe you had to drag Tristan to this--it should have been the other way around! They remind me of the rally cars we'd get by our house in Kenya.

Elise said...

It wasn't even a day! More like an hour. And Tristan... he needs extensive "encouraging" bordering on force before he's willing to try something new. Worked out well this time though!

Leigh Russell said...

Good for you. Much more like this, and Tristan will lose all his reservations about trying new experiences.

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