I once told my sister that I would blog “my life in Holland” for her, should she run out of inspiration….. so here goes.

I am Lise, her sister, mom of two (son of 6 and daughter 18 months), and a married 24/7 mom. What does that mean here in Holland? It means that you are usually unschooled, drink coffee with other 24/7 moms throughout the week and that your life consists of the kids.

Well, that last one hits the spot for me, because my life does consist of the kids 24/7. Then in the minutes in between I spend time helping out hubby dear with our own little (succesful) electrical company. Now I am at a point where I want to start picking up my life again and get to work as an OT (occupational therapist).

I forgot to mention that at the moment I am also a (frustrated) referee, trying to keep two kids happy with such a big age difference. Sunny boy just doesn’t get any peace because Sunshine is always on top of him; pinching, biting or hitting him. Sometimes I wonder what we got ourselves into with the big age gap between the kids.

My sister and I don’t have such a big age difference, 19 months, but our lives are so full of big contrasts. Here she has two teenagers…. here I am with little sprouts. The funny thing is that when I finally became a mom, I UNDERSTOOD her! I understood where the tiredness came from, the exasperation, the relationship difficulties etc… So now I am enjoying the fact that my sister knows what I go through now and again, because she had the same issues when her kids were younger. I am also jealous a lot of the time, because she is a free woman, doing her thing and having time to do her own thing, but my time will come in a couple of years. Just the fact that I can no longer call her at 8 in the morning in the weekends says enough; the whole household sleeps in in the weekend whereas we are up at 6.00 in the morning!

I guess my sister is just paving the way for me and making sure she is ahead of me, because I once in a while hear that she was in pain when I happened to have the first boyfriends….

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Dori said...

Hi, Lise!! I gotta tell ya--those are some adorable kiddos you've got there! Your daughter looks just like you!

I'm so glad that you and Marit have each other. I remember being envious of the relationship you had with each other at RVA. My sister and I just seemed to have almost a parallel existence--never really had anything to do with each other. Kinda sad. We've close now and I'm ever so grateful for that!

Anonymous said...

hey Dori, i love the interaction you and marit have going on in the blog and now and again I take a peek at your life.

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