This is our local eyesore, the Nestle factory in my townt. I bike past it practically every day . Usually I turn my eyes to the fields on the other side, but tonight it was open for guests so I went for a visit with my sil and fil.
Why go for a visit in a factory? Well, it's there! And it was open! Reason enough for me to want to take a peek. I'm always curious to see how things work. Every vacation is spent going somewhere to learn something, be it cheese making, clog making, learning how the dutch high tech dams work...whatever! So now I walked around the factory with my hair covered with a net, wearing a fancy plastic raincoaty kind of thing, learning all about how baby food is made. Did you know it was made from whey? And then all kinds of vitamins and minerals are added? And then the liquid is sprayed into the top of a huge funnel and blasted with 350 degree heat (celsius!) turning the liquid into powder which, after a cooling process is then packed into tins and sent all over the world. And this goes on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Bet you didn't know that! (bet you don't care either...).
Anyway, I got my kick out of seeing a factory in progress and getting a look even farther behind the scenes because my bil works there and he sneaked us into the cooling tower.
And that, folks, seems to have been the highlight of my week so far!!

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