Marinda got the entire dvd box of all 10 seasons of Friends for her birthday. Which pretty much meant she spent the entire summer watching them! And now we get a huge number of repeats. Like just now for example. We watched the episodes where Monica and Chandler get engaged.
Funny thing about Friends is that it just doesn't get boring! Don't know how they do it, but even Herman ends up laughing when he watches, and he's not much of a tv watcher. I get sucked in more times than I can count, sprinting back and forth from the kitchen to watch when I should be doing the dishes.
So I do think they're funny, but if you stop and think about it, it's also really almost amazing to see how many issues they approach in their own unique way. Single motherhood, drug addiction, older men/younger women, older women/younger men, long distance relationships, adoption, surrogate motherhood, lesbianism, homosexuality and goodness knows what else is adressed. Anything goes is the motto of the Friends cast and crew I guess. Probably they've managed to broaden a lot of peoples perspective, though sometimes the way it's done could be considered questionable. Though, for dutch standards, it's still a very normal, clean family program!!

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