Marinda, the photographer

Two days ago I posted some pictures I took when I went for a walk with a friend. On that same day Marinda came along as well.
Here are her pictures. She has such an eye for detail! She sees things or looks at angles I totally don't see.
To the left is a shot I took of her in action. The rest of the pictures are entirely hers. Please leave a comment, I'm sure she'd love to read what you think of them!

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Dori said...

Simply stunning! The last three especially--the upwards view of the tree and the logs.

Anonymous said...

Mooie foto's Marinda!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Marinda! I love the one of the view of the tree looking up. They are all so good. Is this a talent you are thinking about exploring?! Hmmmm...maybe you should. You sure do know how to make ordinary things look so beautiful & eye appealing.

xoxo to you,
Debbie ~Colorado

Gretchen said...

Wonderful, wonderful! These are the kinds of photos I like to take - everyday things from a new angle. You ought to see what the tassles on a corn plant look like when they're in pollen, if you get reeeeeally close :)

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