Single Mom

I told a friend the other day that now and again I feel like a single mom. Saturday for example. I went out and bought a laptop and a new screen for our computer. Not something that I usually do, the computers are more Hermans thing. But needs must, and we had been wanting to get a laptop since before the summer, and there was a huge sale at the store, so there went I. Cellphone in hand for the neccesary back-up calls, sister in law at my side for moral support. I practically had to walk over people to see anything at all, and there was a huge traffic jam just getting to the store.
Despite the preparation, backup and the moral support I didn't quite get what we wanted, but we've decided to keep it all and be happy with it. Then I even ended up installing stuff on the computer, figuring out which software to use and so forth and so on.
Now, just to be sure, I want to let you know I am not a total dingbat. I obviously CAN buy a computer and I am not a total geek, but it's just one of those things that has drifted into Hermans field of attention. Like doing the groceries and taking out the garbage and fixing things and cooking a couple of times a week and so forth and so on. And the last couple of weeks all those little things have become mine to do because Herman is still pretty sick and most things that require body motion are passed on to me.
It's strange to note how much of daily life is filled with things you take for granted until they don't happen any more. And it's not like all the extra stuff is really hard or demanding or impossible or beyond my means or .... it's just extra.
So that's what made me think of single motherhood. Because all single mothers out there do all these things, no questions asked. I have a new admiration for them, because being the sole parent has to be a pretty tough job. I'm lucky because even though Herman is physically "unavailable" he's still very much a moral support. Thank goodness his being sick has not turned him into a terrible grouch.
It has however, made me feel tired and grouchy, and tired, and tired and tired. Which means that instead of going to bed on time I stay up even later, eat unhealthily and in general help myself into an even worse state. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!

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Dori said...

Nope. You're not the only one! I usually feel like I barely have the energy to make it through my own set of chores--then add on someone else's, a few moments to unwind before bed and all of the sudden I'm looking at only a few hours sleep before starting all over again!
Sure wish you were closer!!

Mrs Yoastie said...

My husband is away lots for work. So I am left to make the decisions and deal with stuff. It can be really hard.
Hope your husband feels better soon.

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