I took a drastic step once we got the internet going at our house again. I reduced the list of blogs I read by at least a half. During my internet "dry spell" I didn't really keep up with them and felt the pressure of the lists of posts that were piling up in my reader. And when I took a good hard look at half the stuff I read it just didn't seem very important any more. So the list of blogs I read now has a lot of people I know personally and like to keep up with, and some blogs that are so good to read that they will probably be on my list for a long long time.
Personal favorite? Stukje bij Beetje. A dutch woman who writes every post in english and dutch. Her photography and her way with words always gives me a moment of stillness in what usually is a busy day. Check her out!
But I'm still open for suggestions! So if you have a favorite blog, let me know what it is so I can go check it out. After all, I now have all this extra time on my hands, now that my list of things to read has shrunk so much ;-)

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A Touch of Dutch said...

I've added Stukje bij Beetje to my favorites & will check it out when I get more time tomorrow. Sounds like a good blog :-) My schedule is so busy daily & I have been checking blogs randomly. Glad to see you've got the internet back at home!

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