When I went to school at RVA I needed to have guardians who lived in the country. My parents lived in Ethiopia, and the school was in Kenya. I had the great luck of having the Ondeng family become my guardians. A beautiful, warm, friendly, welcoming, musical, humorous, fantastic Kenyan family with whom I shared some of the happiest most carefree moments in my life! After my initial trepidation (because I didn't know them at all)they became a home away from home, a place of fun and relaxation and acceptance.
I'm getting lyrical, aren't I! But I think Lise would agree that I'm not exaggerating. Oh my, the laughs we had with them! And the hugs! Now I love my hubby, really truly, but nothing can beat an Ondeng hug!! When Herman and I went to Kenya in 1994, we were hosted by the Ondengs. We were greeted at the airport by Mr Ondeng senior. He turned to Herman and said "thank you for bringing my daughter back home".

What made me think of them was the fact that I got in touch with two of the family members through facebook yesterday. Finding the "i want to be your friend message" in my mail box gave me goosebumps all over and brought a huge smile to my face. Makes me wonder how you can get out of touch with people when there are such good memories!
Ah, well, now I will just bask in the knowledge that they are only a mouse click away, and start enjoying their company all over again!

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Dori said...

Oh, yea! I've just recently found an old friend from primary school on facebook and I was almost in tears!

My guardians were one of the older missionary couples--not a lot of laughs but reliable lifts from the airport! :D

Anonymous said...

the wonderful hugs, the piano playing the great ugali from Mrs. Ondeng.... who can forget!!

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