I went to Pilates class this morning. This was another thing that depended on the car, as the gym is on the other side of Nunspeet and would otherwise mean I would have to bike 20 minutes before I even got around to exercising! I don't mind a bike ride, but I knew I was not going to go to the gym for very long if I had to bike that far every time.

So after my lesson I signed up for a lesson every week, with the option of getting on this other contraption as well. Supposedly if you train on this thing for 8 minutes it's the equivalent of 30 minutes running.... We'll see about that! Next to that thing there's a Powerplate, so I get my fill of shakes and trembles and vibrations as well, if I want them. Hopefully this will give me the boost I need to get myself a bit more physically fit! And get rid of some of the tension that seems to be nestling itself in my neck...

I'm beginning to get a feel for the luxury of having the car. I drove to my friends after I went to the gym, got a call to see if I could pick up Marinda from the station (didn't have to but it was nice knowing I could have!), will visit Lise tonight, have a weekend planned with my brother, can finally get rid of all the papier we've got piled up in our shed, and have plans to go to Utrecht for a day on sunday. I just might get used to this!

There's only one thing. The car has been smoked in and reeks of cigarettes. Anybody have any good cleaning tips?

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Dori said...

Okay...scary looking contraption! But, YEA, on the pilates class! I get plenty of exercise around here but I really want something to stretch me out--I keep going back to yoga but I have a very narrow window of opportunity!

Owning a car is such a luxurious freedom, isn't it?! I remember weekends in Spain when I'd rent a car and just go somewhere, anywhere. Enjoy!

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