Temper, Temper

Today I kicked my vacuum cleaner so hard it broke.

Frankly, I could care less. The stupid thing has been a source of maddening irritation since the day we got it. It's one of those modern ones, without a bag to catch the dust. Instead, you empty a container, and you have to clean the filter. And that's the part I hated most. I stood outside tapping the filter against the side of the dustbin, cloaked in cloud of dust. Didn't matter which way the wind blew, I ended up just about as dirty as the darn filter was in the first place!

I should, of course, not get myself into such a tizzy that the desire to kick vacuum cleaners into smithereens overcomes me. Much less should I act upon that desire. But the combination of having to clean house during the weekends and lack of sleep drove me to it.

That's a legitmate excuse, isn't it?!?

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Zan said...

lol I had one of those, drove me insane!!! Can totally understand ur rustration.

Anonymous said...

I was just reading up on vacuums because i took mine in for repair as i sucked up a screw and tore the inside fan to smithereens, But fixable. Mine is almost 15 Years old and works as well as new. no dust with bags and they only cost 15-20$ /year. No empty dust issues.Sanitaire.

Francine said...

Yes. It is. :-)

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