Mixed feelings

Today was my last day of work at my old job.
It was strange.
I worked hard all day trying to finish things off perfectly, so that nobody would have any comment to make after I had left. Motivated by my great need for approval and affirmation. Hmmmm.
Then it was time to say goodbye. I figured an hour or two at the end of the day would give everybody a chance to relax and chat and have fun.
There was none of that.
We sat around in true dutch style, with a snack in hand, politely staring at each other. Meanwhile most lunches and coffee breaks are spent with people talking at full volume, and I hear the humor on fridays can be pretty raunchy. So what happened today?
I really have no clue.

I did get some lovely dutch flowers and some more personal comments, but all in all it was a flat forced occasion.

Ah well. Tomorrow I can go full speed ahead at my new job. Looking forward to that!

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A Touch of Dutch said...

Maybe they wish they could all be on their way to a different job too? But at least you did get lovely flowers & comments. Good luck with all things new :-)

Mrs Yoastie said...

Good luck with the new job.

Lovely picture of you.

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